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What People Can Learn From Christian Movies

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Christian movies are needed, especially in this day and age. Everyone needs an uplift in their spirit. Christian movies can give people a boost in their mindset, and they can even improve the person’s mood and uplift their spirits.

The movie, “Final Decision” can help people to want to make a decision that will change their lives. Choosing Jesus above everything else can and will change their life for the better.

In the movie, the main character Janae was told by her friend and by a strange man in the park, that she had to make a final decision about whether she would continue to chase after her boyfriend or chase after God. After a brief but scary altercation with her boyfriend, she ran from the house back to the park telling the man she met that she chose to follow Jesus.

 If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were given a reality check, like the character Janae got in the movie “Final Decision”, you know how important choosing Jesus is above everything and everybody else in your life. Choosing Jesus is the single best decision you will make in your life. You will find peace, clarity, and love in His arms and in His presence.

“The Reconciler” is a movie that makes people realize how important it is to talk to family members and friends about any differences of opinions that you may have with one another. It gives viewers a stark warning to work things out between everyone before it becomes too late.

It makes viewers realize how important the people in their lives are, and that nothing is worth not reconciling over. It tells the story of how people were held captive in different locations until they actually talked about the things that were really bothering them and driving them apart. Unless they worked those things out, they would perish without making amends with each other. All characters eventually warmed up to the idea of telling each other how they really felt and worked through their differences. They all realized that Jesus is the reconciler of everything and everyone.

Jesus is the one true reconciler of everyone. He is the only one who can restore friendships and relationships that you struggle to repair yourself. He will help you through every situation that you face. Having a relationship with Him is the most important decision you will make in your life.

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